1. Wenqi Hu, Guo Zhang Lum, Massimo Masrangell, and Metin Sitti
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    Science 2016
  3. Su Eun Chung, Xiaoguang Dong, and Metin Sitti
    Three-dimensional heterogeneous assembly of coded microgels using an untethered mobile microgripper
    Lab on a Chip 2015
  4. Eric Diller, Jiang Zhuang, Guo Zhan Lum, Matthew R. Edwards, and Metin Sitti
    Continuously distributed magnetization profile for millimetre-scale elastomeric undulatory swimming
    Applied Physics Letters 2014
  5. Reml Dreyfus, Jean Baudry, Marcus L. Roper, Marc Fermigier, Howard A. Stone, and Jerome Bibette
    Microscopic artificial swimmers
    Nature 2005

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