Last night, I got a promotional email from Uber Eats, inviting me to try their service and promising a $25 off my first order. Today, at lunch time, I think maybe I could give it a try. So I downloaded Uber Eats app (iOS) and entered my phone number, found a restaurant I like, and formed an order. Then here comes the problems:

  1. Uber Eats refuses my promotional code, saying I am not qualified for this promotion. Why? No explanations. So I got your promotional email, which specifically says this email is tailored to me and could not be shared with other people, now you say I am not qualified for the promotion. Excellent marketing! So whatever, since I am already at the checking-out step, I say let’s just give it a try, even without discounts.
  2. Uber refuses to accept my Apple Pay method. Apple pay is listed as one feasible payment method in my Uber Eats app. But when I used it, the app says the order cannot be placed, and removed the Apple Pay option from the app. What?! Give a reason, you stupid app! Now at this stage, I am just curious that if I can eventually place the order. So I proceeded.
  3. I added my Amex card to the Uber Eats app, since Uber is not some random company that I cannot trust, right? (no, I should not have trusted Uber) With my Amex card info obtained, Uber Eats seems finally be satisfied. So I clicked “place order”, it processed for a while, then says, order cannot be completed. And still, no reason whatsoever. I know sometimes Uber may flag some users as high-risk because they change their phone number, address, or place a high-price order. But my account is still normal and open, I can still form new orders, the “place order” button is still working. It is just after processing it, Uber refuses to accept my order.

After about 1 hours of useless attempts of placing an order on Uber Eats, I gave up. This app is “designed by clowns and supervised by monkeys”. This experience also reminded me of my past experience as a Uber driver. Yes, I worked for Uber for some months before. Its algorithm is plain stupid. Every time the app updates, it will reset your preferences to accept Uber eats orders. I had to set it to not accepting Uber eats orders every time. The reason I don’t want to accept Uber eats orders is because the app expects me to stop my car in the middle of the busiest street in Toronto, get off my car at a location where no parking (even temporally stopping) is allowed, pick up the order when it is not ready from the restaurant, deliver it at light speed, and finally make just enough money to cover the gasoline.

Great work Uber, keep doing it and people will love you.

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