Literature 文献

This post organizes some interesting literature studies by their respective topics. 这个博文整理一些我觉得有意思的科研文章(以主题分类)。 Miniature robotics Tianqi Xu, Jiachen Zhang, Mohammad Salehizadeh, Onaizah Onaizah, and Eric DillerMillimeter-scale flexible robots with programmable 3D magnetization and motionsScience Robotics 2019 Wenqi Hu, Guo Zhang Lum, Massimo Masrangell, and Metin SittiSmall scale soft-bodied robot with multimodal locomotionNature 2018 M. A. Graule, […]

Something useful for me

Just want to have a blog recording the things that are useful for me. Softwares BlenderAn open-source (and free) 3D rendering software that is as capable as its commercial counterparts. Even its kind of add-on video editor is powerful enough for casual video editing. InkscapeA free (not sure if open-source) vector drawing application. It is […]

Keep myself updated

This blog contains some of the websites and Youtube channels I like to read/watch to keep myself updated of the fast-changing world. I do realize I don’t read as many websites as I watch Youtube channels. One reason is that I haven’t found many interesting sites to stop by. I hope I could add more […]


Base units Time t second: s – The base unit of time in the International Systems of Units. Length L meter: m – The base unit of length in the International Systems of Units. angstrom (ångström): Å – A metric unit of length, equal to 10-10 m. Not that it is not part of the […]

Timeline 时间线

I am interested in history since I was a kid. In this post, I want to organize some people and events based on the time.我从小就喜欢历史。我想用这篇博客来把一些我感兴趣的人和事按时间先后排出来。 BC 66 million– – – – – – ?? – – – – – – – – – ?? Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) extinction event 白垩纪生物大灭绝 221– – – – – – […]