This post organizes some interesting literature studies by their respective topics. Miniature robotics Wenqi Hu, Guo Zhang Lum, Massimo Masrangell, and Metin SittiSmall scale soft-bodied robot with multimodal locomotionNature 2018 M. A. Graule, P. Chirarattananon, S. B. Fuller, N. T. Gafferis, K. Y. Ma, M. Spenko, R. Kornbiuh, and R. J. WoodPerching and takeoff of […]

Something useful for me

Just want to have a blog recording the things that are useful for me. Softwares BlenderAn open-source (and free) 3D rendering software that is as capable as its commercial counterparts. Even its kind of add-on video editor is powerful enough for casual video editing. InkscapeA free (not sure if open-source) vector drawing application. It is […]

Keep myself updated

This blog contains some of the websites and Youtube channels I like to read/watch to keep myself updated of the fast-changing world. I do realize I don’t read as many websites as I watch Youtube channels. One reason is that I haven’t found many interesting sites to stop by. I hope I could add more […]


Base units Time t second: s – The base unit of time in the International Systems of Units. Length L meter: m – The base unit of length in the International Systems of Units. angstrom (ångström): Å – A metric unit of length, equal to 10-10 m. Not that it is not part of the […]

Timeline 时间线

I am interested in history since I was a kid. In this post, I want to organize some people and events based on the time.我从小就喜欢历史。我想用这篇博客来把一些我感兴趣的人和事按时间先后排出来。 BC 66 million– – – – – – ?? – – – – – – – – – ?? Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) extinction event 白垩纪生物大灭绝 221– – – – – – […]