Research interest 科研方向

Using advanced technology to help patients is the motivation for my research. Minimally invasive surgery minimizes the trauma of patients compared with traditional open surgery. Target drug delivery enhances the drug efficacy while weakens unwanted side effects compared with conventional systemic administration. My future research effort will concentrate on developing medical miniature robots that work in vivo and in vitro, which can be potentially deployed in minimally invasive diagnosis and therapeutics. Issues such as biocompatibility and biodegradability will be taken into consideration in the design of the medical robots. When deployed inside human bodies, the feedback information of the robots is limited and obscured, in which scenarios accurate and reliable actuation and control of these robots are challenging and will be investigated in my following research.

Past projects 过往项目


Design, model, and control a 3D soft-body microgripper for accurate, reliable, and efficient micro-object manipulation.

Miniature swimmer

Model and control a swimmer for undulatory locomotion on and under water surface.

Microfluidic sorter

Design, fabricate, and control a novel remotely-controllable mechanical microobject sorter.

Journal publications 期刊文章

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Conference publications 会议文章

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Patents 专利

  1. Eric Diller, Jiachen Zhang, and Tianqi Xu, Tetherless mobile magnetic microgripper, 2017
  2. Eric Diller, Jiachen Zhang, Amir Sadri, and Nenad Kircanski, Microfluidic particle sorter, 2016